What Ladies Look in Male Escorts

What attracts a woman the most in a male companion? There are many features that attract a woman highly to a male escort. Not only higher sexual satisfaction and deeper intimacy are what women look for but friendly gestures, warm conversation and playing a counselor also are very much appreciated in male escorts. If you are interested in displaying your skills as a male escort, do not suffice with a Greek-god-body but learn how to win the heart of a woman in just a few minutes. Many male escorts who fail to make an impression on a woman are kicked out of the house in the very first few minutes after meeting her. This situation can be extremely disappointing, disheartening, and discouraging especially to those male companions who start this profession freshly.

Be a God in the Bed

Sex is the most looked forward act from hiring the services of a male escort. This point must make your basic and core concern when you decide to enter this adventurous, fun and emotionally thrilling profession. What different women love in bed? What makes a married woman happy? How to deal with a virgin? What are the different preferred positions of sex? These and many more questions concerning sex should be sorted out by you before you make your first meeting. You may think that this high libido that you need to have. No, you are wrong! Many male escorts with high libido make terrible escorts. The key is to know how to please someone in the bed.

Learn How to be Highly Intimate

Women are shy by their nature. Even if you find them courageous and bold, they have folds of shyness in their personality which cannot be easily unfolded unless you are highly expert in gong deep in intimacy. Talk out every detail and make it clear that you enjoy talking everything about sex and relationship. The more you are open, the more she feels comfortable to unfold her concerns and interests.

Conversing with Women

It is the conversation and open talk that arouses a woman. You have to be sure about one thing that your client is hundred percent aroused when you actually get in the bed. For this purpose, start talking and conversing with the woman in your company and show your interest in what she likes and make a point about her interests. This way you can take your client to a pleasure state through your company that it is very likely she hires you again and again for the satisfaction you give her.

Giving Joy Rather Matters the Most

Guys with long successful experience in the industry of male escorts say that the art of pleasing a woman and making her feel happy and great is more important that maintaining a waxed calendar body. A woman in a few minutes discovers that the male at her side is amazing when she gets intimate with the guy. Those moments are all about emotions and affection. The fact of the guy having a sculpted body or know quietly slips away her mind!